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With its unique and lengthy relationship with the Saudi royal family, the United States is in an advantageous position to influence the royal family to share power with its disenfranchised people. We encourage our readers to contact their representatives and ask them to support these bills.

9/11 Commission International Implementation Act of 2007 (H.R. 1, Title XIV)

Recognizing the connection between the quality and type of education received by Saudi children and its relation to religious extremism is critical to prevent terrorism. CDHR believes that the 9/11 Commission International Implementation Act of 2007 will be a significant step for the U.S. Congress in confronting one of the most basic causes of religious extremism inside Saudi Arabia.

This Act assigns U.S. dollars to nations that commit to educational reform in their countries. It requires reporting on the expansion of U.S. scholarship, library and exchange efforts in Arab and predominately Muslim countries. This Act targets Saudi Arabia’s uneven record in the fight against terrorism, and their history of funding radicalism. It also makes it the policy of the United States to encourage and assist the government of Saudi Arabia with the onset of reform.

This act has already been passed in the House, and will now be voted on in the Senate.

Encourage your Senator to vote for this Act

Read the Act Here

Freedom of Expression on the Internet (H.R. 275)

The government of Saudi Arabia censors hundreds of thousands of websites. In order for the citizens of Saudi Arabia to have access to uncensored information, it is necessary that the United States develop a coherent policy concerning cooperation with nations that censor the free exchange of information. H.R. 275 does just that. It discourages American businesses from participating in internet censorship while dealing with nations that censor, and makes it the overall policy of the United States to use its influence to promote freedom of opinion and expression through all media. Ensuring that the Saudi people have free access to information is a crucial step in their journey towards freedom.

Encourage your Representative to vote for H.R. 275

Read the bill here

Support Women’s Rights (H. Res 32)

CDHR promotes full citizenship and social equality for women in Saudi Arabia, without which no real civil society can exist. To this end, this Resolution denounces the practices of female genital mutilation, domestic violence, `honor’ killings, acid burning, dowry deaths, and other gender-based persecutions, and expresses that the participation, protection, recognition, and independence of women is crucial to achieving a just, moral, and honorable society. We strongly endorse the language in this Resolution. We also fully support its recommendation that the U.S. ratify the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Encourage your Representative to support H. Res 32

Read H. Res 32 Here

Read CEDAW Here


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